Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


Stormy barns

I knew a weather front was coming through yesterday afternoon…

Sun still shining on the corn, but dark skies overhead.

…so I headed out to see if I could find some open sky to watch…

White barns glow under rain clouds.

…and if there happened to be some barns around….

Red, green and navy.

…well, so much the better.

An old homestead buried back there.

Guess I got lucky – to the South of me were puffy white clouds…

Still pretty to the south.

…to the North was the storm with brooding dark skies…

Still pretty

…and distant thunder.

Not a barn, but interesting anyway.

It was all oh so pretty.

Amazing sky.


WordPress Photo Challenge: Earth

When the fields are being tilled, either at harvest or in preparation of spring planting, there are often layers of color and texture.

One of my favorite things to do is head out on a barn search. I’m lucky. No matter which direction I go there’s bound to be an interesting farm sitting in the middle of it’s own patch of earth.

Here, here and here are some pretty interesting interpretations of earth. Or you can go to the original link to see them all. So far. It’s early in the week, there will be more!


Adventure – Day 5 – the long way home

I should have driven home on day 4; I was planning to go straight home after my two nights at Taquanamon Falls. I was out of food. The tent was wet. The holiday weekend, when campgrounds fill up and traffic gets crazy, was right around the corner.

But I was having too much fun.

So I searched for a State Forest campground to spend one more night, a campground that was sort of on the way. And I found one, situated along the Munuscong River near Pickford Michigan, still in the Upper Peninsula. After all the rain we’d had the river was wide and muddy.

The river mirrors the weather.

The river mirrors the weather.

There were several families settled into spots along the river. The mosquitoes were in residence there too, so I chose a large grassy site, further away from the river, which enjoyed a stiff breeze. In fact I didn’t slide my $13.00 payment into the secured payment pipe until I got the tent up because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do that with the considerable wind. But it went up easily. I think it was glad for the opportunity to dry out.

Drying out in the evening sun.

Drying out.

I was glad myself. Everything got hung up and aired out. The site was huge and covered in grass. No mud. Towering pine trees. Perfect.

Even better, I was only two miles from an old barn. A photogenic old barn. So after camp was set up, on my way into town to find food, I stopped. Of course.

Maybe it's the barn.  Maybe it's the setting.  Maybe both.

Maybe it’s the barn. Maybe it’s the setting. Maybe both.

And the next day on my way home I lollygagged. Turns out there’s a lot of farm country between the Upper Peninsula and home. Lots of great barns. And that day there was a stunning sky filled with puffy white clouds that begged me to stop and attempt a capture.

Wheat field, clouds and a barn.

Wheat field, clouds and a barn.

So I did. In fact I stopped several times. Seems every exit I took there was something beautiful to enjoy.

Pretty spot on a pretty day.

Pretty spot on a pretty day.

Barns. Barns everywhere. Long, straight country roads crossing flat country with farms tucked in behind nearly every stand of trees.

Tucked way back there among the trees was a beautiful barn.

Tucked way back there among the trees was a beautiful barn.

Along one country road I met a couple of friends. They had come out of the woods and were walking down a lane.

This is OUR field lady!

This is OUR field lady!

They were not that excited to see me. After a long stare they turned and bounded back toward the woods.

Run!  She's got a CAMERA!

Run! She’s got a CAMERA!

Soon they were almost hidden from view.

I don't think she can see us now.

I don’t think she can see us now.

They made me smile.

But…back to barns.

Nice and square.  With hawk.

Nice and square. With hawk.

There were so many pretty places to stop.

Barns and clouds - winning combination.

Barns and clouds – winning combination.

I could have stayed out there all day. Wait. I did. What a gift retirement is! Time to play along the way home. Time to enjoy a beautiful sky and ripening wheat fields, meadows of wildflowers, soaring birds, bounding deer.

A fence can't contain the beauty.

A fence can’t contain the beauty.

And so ends this adventure. The camping gear is packed away. Katie the dog has forgiven me for leaving her behind. Husband has listened to the stories. The laundry is done, gardens weeded, groceries purchased, meals cooked. I’m going to visit Aunt V this afternoon.

Life has settled back into the familiar pattern. Adventures are, after all, only adventures if they are occasional. Sporadic.

Still…stay tuned.

Another pretty barn.

One last pretty barn.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Buildings

You know my favorite buildings to photograph are barns. So when Cee sent out a challenge for black and white photos of buildings I knew I needed to look at my barn archive. Especially since I have recent barn photos that you haven’t seen.

While I was up north I spent a day driving through the orchards and farmlands in the center of the peninsula. There were a lot of great barns, and someday I’ll do a post about them and show you more, but for right now enjoy this one. Tucked into the hill it was home to several cows that viewed me suspiciously when I stopped to take a photo.

Cow house.

Cow house.

And you might get a kick out of this barn which is located closer to where I live. There’s an organization here that is trying to preserve old barns. And Kid Rock does live around here. So I guess they were hoping for a donation.

Kid's house?

Kid’s house?

Just down the road is this relatively small horse barn. I always look over at it as I head into town. There are three really big horses that live here, and I look to see if they are out and about. The other day all three were lined up in front of their barn and today I was hoping they’d be doing that again. Not so lucky today. Still, it’s a cute little barn and at least a couple of the residents hung out for me long enough to snap this.

Horse house.

Horse house.

You can see other people’s interpretations of “buildings” over at Cee’s original post.

I think another fun way to approach this challenge would be to head into the city. There are some interesting buildings there, but time is fleeting and I don’t think I’ll get down there soon enough. What buildings do you have around you that would convert to black and white and retain their interest? Share them with us!

Thanks Cee!


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Faraway

I went on a photo hunt earlier this week, looking for my favorite things…barns. Turns out it was a rainy, misty, windy, cold day and I barely got out of the car. I wasn’t looking specifically for Cee’s ‘faraway’ challenge, but heading back home I realized many farms are photogenic from faraway.

So just before I hit the city freeway I snapped this farm, off across the field, in the misty faraway.

On a farm far, far away...

On a farm far, far away…

I like the black and white combined with farmland; it lends a vintage feel.

I’d go out and see what else I can find but it hasn’t stopped raining here. I guess that’s better than snow. Right? Because when it starts snowing everything turns black and white!

Thanks Cee, for the challenge!


Sunday adventure. No dog involved.

Sunday my rambling genes took over and I left the house in early morning.   I took the camera,  not knowing where I was going or what I was looking for.  It wasn’t a pretty day; the skies were grey with low hanging clouds.  Not even interesting low hanging clouds.  Rain threatened.

As usual when my heart is tugging me toward the road I headed north for awhile.  After an hour or so I knew I was in farm country and headed west on a smaller highway.  I saw the soybean fields were turning yellow and then I knew what I’d be looking for.

You guessed it.

Red barn, green roof, yellow field.

Red barn, green roof, yellow field.

Barns in fields of yellow soybeans. (Make sure you click on the photos to get all the detail.)

Along the way I also saw other stuff, some of which I even stopped to photograph.  Those will have to be displayed in future blogs.  Because this one is about barns and yellow soybean fields.

Red barn...yellow field.

Red barn…yellow field.

Of course some of the best photos I have only in my mind as there was nowhere to stop.  I was usually out on a freeway thinking “DARN!  There’s another great shot!”  But when I got off the freeway and meandered down dirt roads I found plenty of picturesque stuff.

Yep.  It’s another barn in a soybean field.  Pretty, isn’t it! got the rest...

Ummm…red barn…you’ve got the rest…

Obviously I thought so.

Not red barn, but yellow field.

Not a red barn, but still pretty.


Restless barn addition

I was restless today.  I needed to be out there doing something.  Alone.  Do you ever long for an adventure just for yourself?  The sky was blue but it was cold as mid March is want to be in Michigan.   I took the camera and left with no destination in mind.

I ended up, as I usually do, in farm country.  I didn’t find a lot that inspired me enough to want to get out of the warm car.  But I found two barns for my collection.

It's huge.

It’s huge.

These are not my family’s barns.  I really do need to do that…photograph the house and barns where my mom grew up.  But these two caught my eye among the many barns I saw today.

It's bright.

It’s bright.

My adventure was not so exciting.  But it was mine.

And that’s what counts.