Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

About Dawn

I’m a long time banker, having started in the business at sixteen as a co-op student filing checks at a bank after school.   I worked 26 years at two different banks, but after a year in 2004 of life changing tragedy it was time to make a decision.

Scary as it was, walking away from a long career was the best thing I ever did.  Now I’ve finished grad school and have worked in a library – and enjoyed every minute of it all.  But the economy being what it is I probably graduated at the wrong time.  Communities everywhere around me are cutting positions in libraries.  Some are even closing their libraries down. So after a year of doing work I really loved I ended up unemployed for the first time in my life.  And the reality is that I had to go back to work at my old employer.  I’m just lucky to have something to fall back on.  And that they welcomed me back with open arms.

So here’s the story of a banker turned librarian turned banker again, her family and her little dog Katie.  Thanks for visiting!

6/1/15:  I’ve retired!  Now I’ll have time for more adventures, more naps, more cooking, more reading.  Maybe some of it will be interesting enough to end up in the blog.  We’ll see.

17 thoughts on “About Dawn

  1. Congratulations Dawn. It is the wise person who realizes that life is to be lived doing what makes your heart sing, whether it’s banking, writing, going to school or ……..? I always knew you were a smart girl. You were and are one of my favorite people. Follow your heart! Barb


  2. Nice post, animals are the best.


  3. I’m so glad I wandered over from Katybeth’s Odd site. 🙂 I see that we are fans of some of the same blogs.

    I LOVE that you went to grad school and believe in the importance of libraries. The cutbacks in our city break my heart. Our library parking lot is usually packed. At times like these, people need libraries more than ever. I know you must be frustrated, but you certainly get an Atta Girl from me!


  4. Just discovered your blog after seeing it shared on Facebook. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. I live in Rose Township which is spitting distance from Davisburg. I, along with a few other ladies, decorate downtown Davisburg at Christmas. Keep an eye out for the new stone planters our club is having installed downtown and at the library this summer.
    Oh, and, I am Mommy to an 18m old Aussie.


    • Hi there! Didn’t realize you had commented here! Do you ever take your 18 mos old Aussie to the park next door to the library? I go there with Katie pretty regularly…I call it Katie’s park! We should meet up for a walk.


  5. Merry Christmas Katie n’ Dawn,,, My dad is getting the truck n’ camper pointed NNW into the wind that’s coming our way,, he just brushed me to get my baby fur loose, cause I’ve been shedding a lot this past week like crazy,, dad been sweeping the camper out almost every day,,,, oh oh he’s coming ,, I must get off the PC before he see’s me,,,, Lady Piper


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  7. Good to know about you, Dawn. Looking forward to your experiences. I will see you around.


  8. Glad that you finally got to a place you’ll enjoy. I don’t think I could ever bank b/c I’m so bad about counting money. Not that I can’t count, it’s just that I get a little nervous and have to re-count. If my count is off the second time…I have to count it 2 more times to make sure that I get the same number again. I know, right? I think they would fire me by my 3rd customer! 😉

    You have such a cute doggie. We have a black lab and a shepherd mix. Did you see that adorable black lab pup on the Today Show?


  9. I look forward to getting to know you, and learning from you, too. I’m newly retired as well and have returned to blogging after 14 months hiatus.

    I enjoyed your post “Respect” and share your sentiment. Part of the reason I came back to the blogs was to understand the “other.” I’m afraid that is impossible, but I want to examine that some more, because it does take two to have a conflict.


  10. Good looking dog, looks like Lassie


    • Thank you. Sometimes people call shelties mini lassies. They’re not really related to collies. They come from the Shetland Islands…and they are crazy, smart (smarter than me) and fun loving.


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